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iZotope Spectron 3.05

Spectron is a spectral effect application for sound engineers and musicians
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The iZotope Spectron 1.0 is a spectral effect software application for sound engineers and musicians that gives them a new tool with which they can control limitless audio frequency bands with many options.

Users can create unique sounds by chaining the effects of morphing, panning, and delay. The Spectron 1.0 application splits audio into thousands of bands, applies delay, and then reprocesses the audio into a new independent sound. With its 64 bit precision, this powerful tool can help users achieve space age and futuristic sounds by using new classes of effects. Its delay effects can be provided, but can also be selected to suit individual needs. With spectral richness, it can filter signals to simulate a sound that is coming from a specific point around the subject of a scene, for instance. Spectron 1.0 is the ideal tool for creating atmospheres and soundscapes for film, video, games and the theatre. Explosions come to life by morphing with the sound of a car crash effect, or fear can be evoked by a screaming voice effect. Old samples of loops can be transformed into new sound effects, giving users an exciting new library.

Spectral nodes like the nodes of a parametric equalizer manipulate the Spectron 1.0 effects with control over bandwith, shape, amounts, and frequency. Advanced precision aids manipulation of frequencies, the ability to warp, twist and shape samples, all possible with this user friendly graphic interface. The product website provides flash node video tutorials.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Creates sounds impossible with normal automation


  • Not for percussion purists
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